Serial Number Purchase
Why purchase a serial number when I can just download the files for free?
1) Purchase of a serial number removes any ambiguity under the Creative Commons License under which the plans are offered about commercial use.  Actually building an AV-36, an AV-361, or a derivative using these plans, even for personal use, might be considered commercial and a violation of the CC license.  Obtaining a serial number removes this limitation.

2) After your serial number is registered you will be entitled to apply the purchase price of the serial number to the planed future release of plans for a motorized version of the AV-361.
When will the plans for the motorized be available?.
To be completely honest - maybe never.  we consider it unethical to release plans for an aircraft that has not been build and properly statically load tested and flight tested.  Our desire is great but our time and resources are limited.
How do I register my serial number?
We need your e-mail address and name.  We would also like a physical mailing address but that is optional and will only be used for notifications directly related to these plans.  Place your e-mail in the PayPal link below and we will use that to contact you and confirm your purchase
Is my serial number transferable?
No.  The serial number is not transferable unless it is to be transferred with a partially completed or flying AV-36 or AV-361 project.  Once a project or a flying aircraft has been transferred to a new owner, we ask that you inform us of the transfer and the name of the new owner along with their contact information so we can update or files.  We ask that you do this so that the new owner can receive any updates and/or safety bulletins.  There may be a fee required of the new owner to update our files.
To purchase a serial number please use the PayPal button below.  If you prefere to use BitCoin or Ethereum please contact us via e-mail so we can give you a unique wallet address.
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